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Friday, 10 February 2012

Warm Your Hearts: 7 Valentine's Volunteer Dates

Friday, February 10, 2012
Make it a night to remember -- and not for the fancy prix fixe meal. Take your special someone on a Valentine's Day outing that matters. Volunteer to package meals together, help host a party for single moms and their kids or do a charity run. Check out the slideshow below for more ideas.

Firefighter Races Up Empire State In 50-Pound Gear For Cancer Research
105-Year-Old Volunteer: 'I'm Very Blessed'
WATCH: Web Thrift Store Allows You To Donate Unwanted Items
Mary J.Blige Plays For AIDS Charity
Renegade Girl Scouts Recognized By U.N. For Work Saving Orangoutangs
Sec. Ken Salazar: Uncovering the American Latino Story
The Department of the Interior has launched the American Latino Heritage Initiative to explore different pathways to better recognize the countless contributions Latinos have made.
Alec Baldwin: Fighting Child Trafficking
People too often only talk about the horror and despair surrounding child trafficking and exploitation (which is a reality), but not enough about the hope, empowerment and change that is also just as much of a reality.
Rep. Mike Honda: Breaking the Cycle of Violence Against Women and Children: The Domestic Violence Judicial Support Act
With the reauthorization of the VAWA before us, Congress must act to ensure that local justice systems are fully equipped to respond to family, domestic, and youth violence cases. Congress can start this crucial work by supporting the programs found within the Domestic Violence Judicial Support Act.
Kip Pastor: In Organic We Trust
The organic food movement is a great cause and it has become big business. Now the question is whether we will allow this well-intentioned movement, started by farmers who strived to be stewards of the land, to completely degenerate into a meaningless food trend.
Marc Mauer: I Was Stopped, But Not Frisked
It's hardly a secret that the relationship between African American communities and law enforcement has been fraught with conflict. From the old days of station-house beatings to get a confession to today's "stop and frisk" practices, an awful lot of mistrust has been engendered.

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