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Monday, 20 February 2012

Teachers In Atlanta Cheating Scandal Could Get Contract Renewals

Monday, February 20, 2012
Atlanta Public Schools may be forced to renew the contracts of 90 tenured teachers implicated in one of the nation's largest cheating scandals because of job protection rights.

According to state law, the 90 tenured educators -- of the 120 currently on paid administrative leave for being involved in the scandal -- will be given an automatic yearlong renewal of their contracts on May 15, unless the district terminates them before then, WSB-TV reports.
Protesters Sit In At CPS School Slated For 'Turnaround'
Rick Santorum Slams Education System, Would Home-School Children At White House
L.A. Superintendent To Teachers: 'Remain Strong For Our Students' (VIDEO)
Dinner At School: More Public Schools Are Dishing Up 3 Meals A Day
Miramonte Civil Cases Could Hamper Criminal Investigation, Police Say
Morgan Rotondi: "You Speak German Well... for an American"
The U.S. needs to re-assess its values in education. We cannot simply assume English is the "world language," or that English will indefinitely remain vital in global discourse.
Tim King: With You When You're Right: The Anti-Deficit View of Black Male Achievement
The idea that strong relationships impact student success shouldn't be anything new to educators. But the implication -- that race, background and gender are not destiny, and that focused interventions produce tangible results -- is enormous.
Jeff Biggers: Let Us Now Praise What's Right With Arizona: Nationally Celebrated Tucson Educator Sean Arce
In the footsteps of legendary Tucson Mayor Estevan Ochoa, who also fought against a hairbrained legislature to bring public education into Arizona, Arce has emerged as one of the most beloved leaders in the state today.
Seth Engel: Jeremy Lin and What It Means to Be an Underdog
One of the novelties of Lin's story is that he went to Harvard as a basketball player and then, despite his diploma, persevered as a basketball player after graduating. He represents the ultimate victory of the jock over the nerd.
Stu Semigran: Stay Late and Graduate?
For with so many of our young people dropping out comes a rise in crime, teenage pregnancy and other risky activities that place a burden on society. The perpetual challenge we are all facing now more than ever, is how can we keep students in school?

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