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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Model Alliance Working To Pass The Freelancer Payment Protection Act

Sunday, March 25, 2012
Since announcing its launch back in 2010, the Model Alliance has moved swiftly to establish fair labor standards for the modeling industry, a place where glamour and fame often obscure poor working conditions.

The group's latest effort is The Freelancer Payment Protection Act, a law already passed in the New York State Assembly but still under review in the state Senate. The law, founder Sara Ziff explains on ModelAlliance.org, would protect models and other freelancers in New York by allowing them to file complaints against clients that won't pay up.
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Vivian Weng: The Billion-Dollar Question: When Will the Fashion Tech Bubble Burst?
I would argue that what we're seeing isn't a bubble per se, but rather a natural and very necessary trial-and-error process, where everyone -- entrepreneurs, fashion industry executives, investors -- is learning what works and what doesn't.
Carrie Hamerslag: Subscribing to Fashion and Lifestyle
There has been a recent surge of subscription-based businesses particularly within the fashion and lifestyle realms. This business intrigues me as it often seems to be of much more benefit to the retailer than to the customer to be on a subscription basis.
Nora Zelevansky: Mondo Guerra: 'Project Runway All Stars' Winner Interview
"I don't go into anything in general with expectations. If you put in the work and do it with love, you will always be rewarded. It sounds cheesy, but 'Project Runway' saved my life. It really did change my life."
Leona Palmer: A Model Farmer: Fashion to Farming
I once heard that humans seek out natural environments because nature is not in resistance to itself. Having finally accepted the truth that my father is gone, I am surrendering my resistance as well.
Jacqueline Emerson: How I Got Cast in The Hunger Games
I was probably the most nervous I'd ever been when I went up onstage to do my scene with Stanley Tucci! Imagine this: Your first line in a movie. Ever. Onstage. With your acting idol. Totally improvised. In front of three hundred people.

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