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Monday, 12 March 2012

Elizabeth Warren Slams AIG Tax Break

Monday, March 12, 2012
WASHINGTON -- Former members of a congressional panel that oversaw bailouts during the financial crisis blasted the Treasury Department on Monday for quietly granting a tax break worth billions to insurance giant American International Group.

The tax break amounts to a "stealth bailout" on top of the $182 billion that AIG received from the government, and it unfairly helps AIG, its shareholders and executives, former oversight panel chair Elizabeth Warren and others said.
How Much Will the Banks Really Pay In Mortgage Settlement?
Banks Pick Uncle Sam Over You
The Man Who Stands Between America And A Real Recovery
Uh-Oh: Robo-Signing Debt Collectors?
Wendell Potter: How We All Got Stuck Paying the Medical Bills of the Woman Who Sued to Kill Obamacare
It is people who have decided not to buy coverage -- but who nevertheless get sick or injured and seek medical care when they do, even if they don't have the money to pay for it -- that make health insurance so expensive for the rest of us.
Marty Kaplan: Is Luck Dead?
Instead of ragging the "go-nowhere generation" for hanging out at home, we should be congratulating them for taking a pass on the Horatio Alger platitudes. It's not called "dumb luck" for nothing.
Lisa Belkin: Huggies Pulls Ads After Insulting Dads
Huggies says it set out to "celebrate" dad. Instead it insulted them. Do "real men" change diapers?
Ted Kaufman: Romney Seeks an America More Like China
I've heard some surprising things from candidates during this primary season, but Mitt Romney's answer last Friday to a question about government regulation was in a league of its own.
Dean Baker: Affirmative Action for School Reformers?
The rich and powerful have lined up firmly on the side of school reform, which is defined as a system where teachers lack job security and standardized testing becomes all-important.

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