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Monday, 19 March 2012

Apple Cash Announcement

Monday, March 19, 2012
Apple is sitting on a pile of cash worth close to $100 billion and plans to get rid of half of it, the company announced Monday morning.

Apple will begin paying out a quarterly dividend worth $2.65 per share and plans to buy back $10 billion in shares of stock. The payout will begin sometime after July 2012.
Apple Makes Big Announcement Concerning Cash Hoard
TaxMasters Files For Bankruptcy
Farmland Is Like 'Gold With A Coupon'
Wall Street Has The Worst Pay Equality In America
Pay In Cash? Not In This Country
Robert Reich: If You Took the Greed Out of Wall Street, All You'd Have Left Is Pavement: Why Greg Smith's Critique Is Way Too Narrow
The problem isn't excessive greed. If you took the greed out of Wall Street all you'd have left is pavement. The problem is endemic abuse of power and trust.
Bruce Bond: There Can Be Common Ground On Tax Policy
Certainly someone who earns more in income should pay more in taxes. While there is still debate on whether that means a progressive tax or a proportional tax, the basic principle is a point of common ground.
Nemat Shafik: Avoiding A Lost Generation
To solve the problems of youth unemployment restoring global growth is crucial, as are policies to support job creation and credit. None of this can be achieved without global cooperation.­
Anna Cuevas: Your Bank Forgave Your Mortgage Debt, But Will the IRS?
Does a homeowner have to pay taxes on mortgage debt that's been forgiven or canceled? Some reduced or canceled debts do have to be treated as income, but not all. It depends on their circumstances and the amount of debt.

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